Prayerful Leadership Intentionality

I’ve had the privilege of working with a group of leaders this week who are wrestling with the role of spiritual formation in the life of leaders and teams. The group is international…many from US ministry contexts, with others serving in Germany, Lebanon, Singapore, Japan, and Canada. One of the leaders shared with me her philosophy of leadership in the context of a military chaplaincy position. I was struck by the following quote from her conclusion, and wanted to share it with you in this blog. May it encourage you in your role as a leader in your own particular setting today…

With my ears I will listen carefully, with empathy and discernment.
With my eyes I will notice present needs, anticipate future desires and seek the vision.
With my hands I will aid personal growth and bind emotional wounds.
With my feet I will walk beside and guide those whom I serve.
With my mouth I will speak gently, praise often and laugh genuinely.
With my heart I will love fully.
With my head I will reflect deeply and act wisely.
With my body I will be an instrument of God’s grace and peace.