Selah 3

This past weekend we joyfully graduated our 3rd Selah cohort as they completed their certificate program in spiritual direction. It was a glorious day in Mystic, Connecticut as we concluded our residency retreat on Enders Island, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, under the grand wisteria trellis, in worship and celebration. The bright sunshine and cool ocean breeze were visible reminders of God’s hand on the lives we gathered to recognize. This new breed of spiritual directors have worked very hard over the past two years of their training, integrating spiritual direction into their personal rule of life. They are now prepared to come alongside those who hunger to grow in intimacy with God. Praise the Lord!

There are few programs across the country that train spiritual directors with a Trinitarian, biblical, and contemplative approach. Selah has become one of the premier offerings for those in search of a program for evangelicals that embodies and encourages such a distinctly Christian understanding of spiritual formation. Directed by Dr. Susan Currie, she is joined by a distinguished and gifted team of faculty and supervisors: Angela Wisdom, Jeremy Stefano, Adele Calhoun, David Vryhof, John French, and Genalin Niere. I am delighted to serve with this group of godly servant leaders who themselves are devoted to the ministry of spiritual direction.

We will welcome Selah Cohort #5 in August, who will join Selah 4 (set to graduate in June 3013) in the fall and continue the 2-year rotation toward program completion. It’s exciting to see how the Lord has blessed this unique ministry of Leadership Transformations. We look forward to how the training of new spiritual directors will impact the ongoing growth of the spiritual formation movement. More importantly, we rejoice in seeing how those who come for spiritual guidance are led into a deeper walk with God.

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