Joyfully Doting

Our favorite 15 month old, Ameliah Ruth, was with us over the weekend. It was a delight to have her in our home once again…we can hardly get enough of her! She’s been a part of our life since she was born in February 2010; her parents very special friends to us as well. We look forward to watching her grow up and we’re very excited about being her Uncle Steve and Auntie Ruthie.

It was pretty amazing on Saturday morning to realize how much time we spent doting on her…snuggling with her in our bed after she woke up, playing patty cake, singing songs, eating breakfast, coaching her as she tried to walk, enjoying her cooing sounds, watching her manipulate toys, gazing at her profile, looking in her eyes, touching her fingers and toes, sitting with her on my lap, and simply being present to her every move and need.

When she went down for her nap I found myself missing her…anxious for her to wake up so we could do it all over again. As an older uncle, long since the days of being a young dad, I knew my reality was that she would soon head home with her parents. But for the overnight joy of her presence in our midst, we counted each moment with Ameliah as pure gift.

As we kissed her goodbye, I couldn’t help but wonder about the love Jesus has for me/us when we simply are held, loved, and doted on from the embrace of heaven. How much the Father loves to lavish love upon his children…my love for Ameliah pales in comparison. However, it was good for my soul to reflect afresh on the doting love that God has over me (and you!)…and we feel it and know it when we practice learning how to do nothing but be childlike in his presence, ever attentive to the gift of his doting love. I suspect that’s what pure joy looks like from the vantage point of the eyes and heart of our Heavenly Father.

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