On Mission

LTi’s VP, Rick Anderson, and I leave on Friday for our 5th Annual Mission Trip, our 3rd to the former Soviet country of Moldova. We are going to serve alongside Dr. Vitalie Fedula, senior pastor of Jesus Savior Church in the capital city of Chisnau, Moldova. We have thoroughly enjoyed our times in Moldova in past years, and look forward to deepening our relationships with these dear people this coming week.

In addition to speaking at the Sunday morning and evening services at Jesus Savior Church, we will be facilitating a Soul Care Retreat for young leaders (20’s and 30’s), speaking at the chapel service of the local college and seminary, conducting leadership training sessions for local church leaders, addressing young adults at their mid-week service, and spending a lot of time pouring courage and hope into the hearts of leaders and teams.

We will return feeling “good tired” after several days on mission together. Please pray for us as we travel and minister in the name of Jesus. We go with great and growing anticipation that God will multiply the work of our hands and the prayers of our hearts. But, we know that in order to be on mission, we all need to be in prayer.

As you remember us in your prayers, be assured that the Lord will be working powerfully in the building up of his Kingdom and the strengthening of his Church – all for the glory of his Name!