The Imitation of Christ

I’m slowly rereading Thomas a Kempis’ classic, The Imitation of Christ. It’s impossible to read this quickly; the depth of wisdom and insight on each page is phenomenal. I’m already overwhelmed and I’m only a few chapters in.
Here are a few gems so far…the opening paragraph begins, “He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, saith the Lord (John 8:12). These are the words of Christ; and they teach us how far we must imitate His life and character, if we seek true illumination, and deliverance from all blindness of heart. Let it be our most earnest study, therefore, to dwell upon the life of Jesus Christ.”
A few other priceless jewels: “It is vanity to desire a long life, and to have little care for a good life…Many words satisfy not the soul, but a good life refresheth the mind, and a pure conscience giveth great confidence towards God…The proud and the avaricious man are never at rest; while the poor and lowly of heart abide in the multitude of peace…Let thy company be the humble and the simple, the devout and the gentle, and let thy discourse be concerning things which edify.”
Are you truly desirous of imitating Christ in all aspects of your life? May the words, life, and sacrificial atonement of Christ refresh, renew, and replenish your soul today and everyday. Receive the embrace of his outstretched arms of love and you’ll never be the same again…a delightful reflection of his grace, mercy, joy and peace.
PS I’ll keep you posted on more pearls of wisdom from The Imitation of Christ in upcoming blog entries.