Preparing for Advent with Thanksgiving

In what ways are you preparing for Advent in the midst of Thanksgiving Week?
I can’t think of a better time of year to prepare for Advent…while our hearts are inclined toward a spirit of gratitude!
What are you thanking God for this week? Family, friends, experiences, accomplishments, in the past, present and future? This is the week to let your heart and voice explode with thankfulness and erupt with praise…don’t hold back! Take every opportunity to say “Thank you!” to your family, friends, and yes be sure to express thanks to God.
As we prepare our hearts for the season of Advent, the first Sunday of which is the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we delight in the gift of Jesus on that first Advent and we await his coming again in glory the eternal Advent. In the meantime, his Advent (coming with expectant waiting) into our hearts each day is both invitational and incarnational. He invites us to come close, draw near and follow him…and he gives us the gift of His Spirit to live incarnationally in this world.
Take time to thank God for his unspeakable, indescribable gifts and give God the glory in heart, mind and voice to all that he has so generously lavished upon you today.
Happy Thanksgiving and a Blessed Advent Season to all!