A Picturesque View from the River Bank

On a recent ministry trip to West Virginia, a spiritual friend of mine (who was traveling with me) and I spent an hour at Daniel Boone Park in Charleston overlooking the Kanawha River. It was a beautiful fall day and a delightful moment to share at the river’s edge.
We talked about our shared ministry efforts that week, laughed about a few special moments, listened to each others hearts, prayed together, and even sang a hymn from an antique hymnal, “The Church’s One Foundation.” It was a choice moment for both of us, one I will long remember.
We both noticed that the highway noise behind us was in stark contrast to the reflection of the brightly colored trees in the serenity of the water below us and the peacefulness of the opposite side of the river. It was a picture of our souls…with the foreboding constancy of background noise and our hearts’ longing for the peacefulness and restfulness ahead of us on the other shore.
The unstoppable traffic noise behind us was a picture of our daily reality…continuously in motion. Our sharing, laughing, praying and singing were snapshots of the deepest desires of our hearts.
I’m thankful for those moments when it felt like the world stood still and I was attentive enough to fully embrace the abundance of a treasured God moment. I’ve recalled that experience in the pages of my journal and in the quietness of my prayer closet over the past 10 days since it occurred…and I’m profoundly grateful for the joy it is to my soul.
For what recent special moment with God and a spiritual friend are you most thankful today? Whisper a prayer of gratitude to the One Who gives such gifts to you…remembering and giving thanks is always good for the soul.

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