Ever feel like a P.S.?

Ever feel like a P.S.? As an after thought, add on, or in addition to? Either in a social setting or a ministry context? I had that feeling just yesterday…I made a public announcement about one of our ministry resources on the heels of a powerful message by a well-known preacher. When the message was done, the final song sung, and the benediction pronounced, those assembled in the audience were asked to sit down for “an announcement” and then I was introduced. I rarely feel this way, but yesterday I felt more like a “P.S.” than a central part of the message. I did the best I could to integrate my “announcement” into the message we had just heard, but still felt like it was more like “and now a word from our sponsor” – yuk! I was pleased to be present at the event and affirm its importance, but what kept running through my mind was, “How do I redeem this moment with something that ties into the meeting and not be simply a P.S. that has no connection to the main event?”
In the Kingdom of God, the gospel is central and Jesus is Lord…when we try too hard to put ourselves in the center, we are really misplaced – there’s no way to displace Christ from His throne. It’s not all about us, it’s all about Jesus…but then again it really is all about us, because His heart is continually about us! We certainly aren’t post scripts to the salvation story…we are central to the heart of God where He considers us His top priority.
The next time you feel like a “P.S.” just remember…you matter more to God than you’ll ever ask, dream or imagine. Never an after thought or add-on in the heart of God…you are a beloved child of the King!
P.S. He loves you with endless, extravagant affection!