Best laid plans…

We had workers in our house all week long…what was supposed to be done in three days ended up taking six. Doctor visits, family needs, warehouse mishaps, scheduling confusion, lost products, misplaced items, unexpected delays, all contributed to the longer than anticipated process. It seems like this happens more often than not. Is that your experience too?
In order to manage the change in plans it’s crucial we remain open to what God has in mind…what is he inviting us into as a result of things not going as we anticipated? Our best plans are often modified by his greater will. Our wants and needs are shadowed by his preferred, desired intentions. Staying open to God’s best for us is far greater than clinging to what we think is better. It’s important to remember to commit our plans to him and pray: Lord, have your way in my heart, life, mind and will. All for your honor and glory and the fulfillment of your will in, through and around me. Amen.

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