17th Anniversary Campaign

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? – Isaiah 43:19

2020 Leadership Briefing

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God is Doing a New Thing

Steve Macchia


Dear Friend,
For 17 years, LTI has been on a mission to help leaders and teams slow down…be more. Then in mid-March the entire world came to a standstill. Since then we’ve not only faced a global pandemic, economic crisis, and racial injustices, but we’re in the midst of a sea change of life as we’ve known it.

When COVID-19 arrived on the global scene, all our best-laid plans for 2020 went right out the window. But, almost overnight, new growth began to spring forth. Through it all, the LTI team has remained agile yet focused, pivoting online yet steadfast in our priority of incarnational ministry.

Thanks to a board and leadership team who believe firmly in prayerful discernment, our revised ministry plans adjusted well despite the challenges. Thanks be to God, we are noting many new things the Lord is doing in, among and through us – for his glory and the building up of his Kingdom.

The new things God has led us to adapt and create during the first few months of 2020 will remain with us in the future:

  • Selah (Certificate in Spiritual Direction) East, West, and Europe cohorts are full and have adopted a hybrid approach online and in-person until it’s safe to retreat together full-time;
  • Emmaus (Certificate in Formational Leadership) cohorts were both in-person and online this year; starting in the fall we will add a full Emmaus Online offering to our Emmaus In-person community, as well as a new online offering for Emmaus Alumni;
  • 26 Online Workshops and Soul Care Retreats were offered April-June, attracting 874 registrants and expanding our reach to 40 US states and 20 countries, and will continue to be our “top of the funnel” entry points throughout the summer and into the coming year;
  • LTI’s Team Health Assessment Tool (THAT) was completed during COVID-19 and is ready for team use worldwide, offering an online assessment and listening tool, similar to our Church Health Assessment Tool (CHAT), with a fabulous follow-up report for leaders and teams;
  • The Discerning Leader Podcast will be launched this summer with over 30 episodes already taped and in the process of editing and prepping for release in mid-late July;
  • New online resources, beginning with our 22-team-member authored book, Silencio, on various formation and leadership development topics, have been added to our expansive cadre of retreat guides, worship outlines, and teaching tools.

Amidst this unprecedented season, Leadership Transformations continues to be enriched by the blessing of God. And, your partnership, participation, and prayerful support are needed now more than ever. I trust you’ll stand with us in this important work and for such a time as this. This year our goal for donor partnership support is 45% of our annual budget. Can you help us reach the goal?

As we celebrate LTI’s 17th Anniversary, let’s join hands in joyful partnership and continue to watch the new thing God is doing in our midst! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Gratefully in Christ,

Steve Macchia
Founder & President

Investing in Leaders Around the World

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Why We Give to LTI

“Nan and I take joy in supporting LTI because we recognize Christian leadership is a God calling. Leadership excellence is not optional — it’s essential. LTI addresses the heart and soul of leadership.”

— Bill & Nan Anderson, Colorado

“We have personally benefited from LTI’s emphasis and teaching on spiritual formation. Their attentiveness to soul care as the foundation for followers of Christ sets the stage for transformed lives.  We see our support for LTI‘s work with Christian leaders as a contribution to the health and maturity of the body of Christ. ”

— Murray & Julie Athans, Alaska

“Brenda and I are excited to support a ministry that places an emphasis on taking care of those in ministry. We have seen and heard too many examples where ministry leaders are depleted and end up quitting and becoming disillusioned. We appreciate the work LTI is doing in soul care and the restoration of those who restore others.”

— David & Brenda Begin, Colorado

“I enthusiastically support LTI because of the ministry’s emphasis on being a child of God more than doing activities for God. Their soul care retreats and prayer resources have enriched my own spiritual journey and have led me into a deeper, experiential knowledge of God through the Scriptures, prayer and reflection.”

— Kathy Crowell, Massachusetts

“We have found that LTI is a valuable resource for individuals as well as groups in the ongoing journey of spiritual transformation and growth.”

— Gary & Susan Di Camillo, South Carolina

“Br. David Vryhof in a recent post told the story of a group of seventh-century monks through whom the gospel spread like wildfire. By way of explanation, he said,  “People were receptive to the message because they saw it embodied in the messengers.” So it is with LTI. Over the course of our seven years of involvement with LTI, the gospel has spread in our lives like wildfire, thanks in part to our seeing and continuing to see the Message embodied in the LTI messengers. In our book, that is high praise indeed for any Christian organization.”

— Wray & Elizabeth Fitch, Virginia


“We love to give to LTI because Steve and the team amplify integrity in every area of this ministry! There are many reasons we love to give, but when we think of the Leadership Transformations team, we know their hearts are pure and their motives are too!” 

— Barb & Ed Johnson, Washington

“We are delighted to support LTI because we have seen and experienced the power of this Christ-centered ministry to revitalize and nurture Christian leadership. The transforming love of God works in and through the people and ministries of LTI in vital, unique ways.”

— Margery & Richard Kennelly, Tennessee

“The work Leadership Transformations is doing is life changing. We have personally experienced love, care and concern during very challenging times in our lives and are grateful for the consistently wise and prayerful guidance from LTI.”

— John & Jean Kingston, Massachusetts

“We have steadily supported Steve and LTI because of our strong belief in giving leaders at all levels of ministry the opportunities to learn and grow spiritually. Having worked with Steve and others on his team over the years, we have a deep respect and admiration for their commitment and for the depth of experience they bring to
this effort.”

— Caleb & Bonny Loring, Massachusetts
“We are excited to support LTI because we believe in both the necessity of this ministry and the spiritual depth of those who lead it. We care about the future of the church, and that means we must take seriously the call to care for the souls of its leaders. LTI does this with excellence because those who lead the programs dwell deeply with God and are able to invite others to join them in this holy place. That’s why we believe that by supporting LTI we are making a strategic investment in the future of the church.”
— John & Mary March, Minnesota 

“In the ever-quickening pace of life, it’s good that LTI is here to help leaders slow down and listen to God. It’s our joy to support the team as they minister to the body of Christ.”

— Andy & Gail Mills, Massachusetts

“My wife and I have known Steve and Ruth for many years and know the passion and energy they put into this ministry. We are aware of the tremendous need that pastors and churches have, and that makes it easy to support LTI in any way we can.”

— Jim & Bev Pyne, Massachusetts

“Becoming a part of LTI has been one of the greatest blessings for our lives, both as individuals and as a couple. It is more than a ministry, it is a family of believers who meet God in the sacred spaces of His presence — such a rare gift in this overstimulated, overworked, and overwhelmed world. We look forward to receiving from and contributing to LTI for years to come.”

— Joshua and Raquel Rogers, North Carolina

“It has truly been a thrill to be a part of what God has done through LTI over the years. Through our various areas of involvement we have felt served while serving God through the ministry of LTI — for in giving we have truly received!”

— David & Esther Schultz, Massachusetts

“LTI’s approach to leadership development and renewal through soul care, discernment and spiritual formation has had lasting a impact on our lives in ministry and remains vital to our attentiveness to God’s movement in our life and the church community we serve.”

— Iain & Liz Whitfield, Massachusetts

What God is Doing at LTI

Vision, Mission, and Ministry Overview

For Christian congregations and organizations to be filled with leaders who place spiritual formation, discernment and renewal above all other leadership priorities.

Our Vision

For Christian congregations and organizations to be filled with leaders who place spiritual formation, discernment and renewal above all other leadership priorities.

Our Mission

To cultivate vibrant spirituality and attentive discernment among Christian leaders and teams. To accomplish this mission, the staff, volunteers and board members, together with strategic partners, LTI will work to create formal and informal opportunities for leaders and teams to:

  • Embrace a lifestyle of Sabbath rest and renewal.
  • Experience spiritual reflection, biblical truth and attentive discernment.
  • Acknowledge the Holy Spirit’s constant presence and work in their lives.
  • Attend to new insights with open-handed receptivity and initiative.
  • Sense a renewed invitation to discover God’s call on their lives and ministries.

Our Ministries

Emmaus: Certificate in Formational Leadership

Selah: Certificate in Spiritual Direction

Soul Care Retreats and Soul Sabbaths

Spiritual Formation Groups

Spiritual Health Assessments

Spiritual Discernment for Teams

Sabbatical Planning

Spiritual Formation Resources


Pierce Center for Disciple-Building

Partnership with Gordon-Conwell Seminary

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What is God Inviting You Into Today?

LTI will help you listen, equip you to discern, invite you to act, encourage you to pursue God’s unique will for you, your team, and your ministry. We are convinced that leaders need to pay attention to God’s call and unique thumbprint upon their individual lives. Then they can invite their ministry team to discern and fulfill God’s collective call to service.

From the Leadership Team

“2020 is a year that none of us will ever forget. But amidst all the turmoil, there is no question that God is on the move. I am struck with wonder at all of the ‘new things’ that have emerged at LTI in just the first half of this year. The global shutdown resulted in a surprisingly productive season at LTI: new major programs, new resources, new communication channels literally ‘springing forth’ like a flood that couldn’t be held back. Our team of 34 gifted individuals is healthy, energetic and poised to fully engage all the ways that God is extending our impact. I am excited about what the future holds at LTI and so grateful for our team and our board! Thank you, friends, for partnering with us. We couldn’t do it without you!”

— Rick Anderson, Executive Vice President

“Behold I am doing a new thing!” says the Lord “who made a way through the sea…” and who “provides water in the wilderness…” (words from the verses preceding and following this marvelous declaration of a new thing!).  In LTI’s Selah training in spiritual direction we indeed are experiencing the Lord’s way through, and his watering in, the wilderness that describes 2020. Out of necessity we began our year by substituting online Residency Retreats for in-person Residency Retreats. It was such a deeply graced experience that we’ll likely bring some element of it into our future training, supplementing and thus enriching what we do so well in-person. “Behold I am doing a new thing! Do you not perceive it?”  Yes, we are perceiving the Lord-with-us, rich presence in grace, deepening praise!

— Susan P. Currie, Director of Selah and Associate for Spiritual Formation

Jeremy Stefano

“With any emergence of new things there is a blend of excitement and uncertainty about it. I, for one, have entered into the spectrum of such experiences in recent months as a member of this team. I have also been caught up with wonderment at the faithfulness of the Lord in guiding us as a team into deeper waters together with new things on every front. Trusting implicitly that it is indeed the Lord bringing about the ‘new thing’, I find my heart welcoming what He is doing, and in fact looking forward to seeing and hearing and tasting more fully what is to come from His hand, even as uncertainties remain. With profound gratitude for all who find themselves trusting the Lord with us and supporting what he is doing through us.” 

— Jeremy Stefano, Director of Emmaus and Minister of Spiritual Formation

Steve Macchia

“Behold! God at work in our midst! All of the new things LTI has embraced of late have come from God. None of us on the team anticipated the net positives we’d experience in the midst of an international pandemic. Yet, the team was fully prepared and remained agile, flexible, and creative, mostly because of our deep affection and trust we have for one another. From the first conversation, and weekly ever since, the team has remained steadfast in our shared commitment to serve our primary program participants with excellence as we initiated several new offerings to a much wider audience. We marvel at the fingerprints of God stamped everywhere, and as we continue to perceive new things from God together as a team, we are confident God will faithfully lead us every step of the way!”

— Steve Macchia, Founder and President

“Behold” conjures up strong feelings of awe and surprise. When we behold God’s beauty, we respond with worship and adoration. When we are fortunate enough to perceive God’s works in and around us, our expectations are blown away and we become energized to spring into action. These last few months have been full of surprising new opportunities from the Lord to serve the Body of Christ, new things we did not nor could not have produced on our own. And we’re pretty sure He’s not done yet. In the words of Romans 8:15, “We are joyfully expectant, greeting God with a childlike “What’s next, Papa?” (MSG)

— David Wu, Regional Ministry Director Texas

A Closing Prayer For You

“Lord, may I know your delight today. Teach me to see myself the way you see me. Empower me to love and to serve in Your name and may all who come across my path experience less of me and more of you. “
Friend, live into this reality today:
YOU are known and loved by the God of the universe.
He is intimately knowledgeable of all your ways.
Your soul matters so take time to care for it today!
Steve Macchia

Please let us know how we can be praying for you and yours. One of my great joys is to pray for you by name, thanking God for your fruitful life, faithful testimony, and generous service to others. – Steve Macchia, Founder & President

Contact us at info@leadershiptransformations.org or 877-TEAM LTI.

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