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25 Fulfilled Promises of Christmas – #5

25 Fulfilled Promises of Christmas:

Advent Reflections for those who Wait, Watch, and Wonder Once More

Compiled and composed by Stephen A. Macchia


Promise #5 – the Messiah will be the star coming out of Jacob (Numbers 24:17 and Matthew 2:2). The brightest light in the starry sky would one day point the way to a humble manger scene where the offspring of Jacob was to be born. Shepherds noted the star in the sky as did the Magi…there was no confusion about the miracle the star had highlighted for all to see. As you gaze upon the dark winter sky and note the brightest heavenly stars, give thanks to the Lord for the fulfillment of his promises to you, whether you are lowly of heart or a leader of households. The stars in the sky remain for us as symbols of the faithfulness of our awesome and majestic Messiah. For what/whom are you most grateful this Advent season?

Throughout this holy season, may you and yours…Behold the fulfilled promises of Almighty God ~ Believe the Gospel proclamation of Good News in the incarnate Jesus ~ Belong to those who anticipate the coming Messiah with joyful celebration ~ Become a faithful disciple who waits, watches, and wonders with Spirit-filled anticipation once more!



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