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25 Fulfilled Promises of Christmas – #3

25 Fulfilled Promises of Christmas:

Advent Reflections for those who Wait, Watch, and Wonder Once More

Compiled and composed by Stephen A. Macchia


Promise #3 – the Messiah will be a willing sacrifice (Genesis 22: 1-18 and John 3:16). Take a few moments and sit with Genesis 22, which recounts Abraham’s complete surrender to God through the window of his willing sacrifice of Isaac. Note how your heart stirs within you as you consider how you would have handled such an amazing (and nearly impossible) request. Can you comprehend how difficult this must have been for a loving father? What does Abraham’s submission remind you of today, as you hold fast to so many material, vocational, and even relational “possessions” which bind your heart and hinder your soul from the full freedom of faithfulness?

Throughout this holy season, may you and yours…Behold the fulfilled promises of Almighty God ~ Believe the Gospel proclamation of Good News in the incarnate Jesus ~ Belong to those who anticipate the coming Messiah with joyful celebration ~ Become a faithful disciple who waits, watches, and wonders with Spirit-filled anticipation once more!


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