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In between the flags, parades, cookouts, and fireworks, I’d like to suggest we muse on 4 leadership words for July 4. Each of these are needed now more than ever in the hearts, minds, and lives of our leaders – in politics, business, education, and yes, even in the Church.

  1. HUMILITY – the opposite of pride. Forgetting self and considering others. Content. Gracious. Loving. Surprisingly selfless.
  2. INTEGRITY – the fruit of a life well-lived. True to God and self. Trustworthy; faithful to one’s call and mission. Wholesome. Pure. Rare.
  3. KINDNESS – the words we speak to, for, and about another. Laced with mercy, patience, compassion, and peace. Honest. Without guile.
  4. SACRIFICE – the service to others’ well-being that counts the cost and is willing to pay it forward. Commitment. Incarnational. Forgiving.

The results of these godly leadership qualities? Four additional words: Trust. Transformation. Testimony. Thriving. These godly leadership qualities are at the heart of LTI’s leadership development ministries.

Take time to muse on these four words and prayerfully consider their application in your life today, and as a result, in the lives of those you serve in Jesus’ name.


2019-2020 NOW OPEN

Join us for Emmaus, a spiritual formation community that exists to encourage you in a more contemplative lifestyle in the midst of the growing demands of leadership. Together we explore a deeper understanding of spiritual leadership and resources that help you care for your soul and the souls of others.

Fall 2019 Emmaus Applications are Open
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LTI’s 16th Anniversary – July 1, 2019!


Today we celebrate the 16th anniversary of Leadership Transformations!

On July 1, 2003, Ruth and I ventured into uncharted waters to commence the LTI journey. For the past 16 years, in calm, challenging, and delightful waters, we have navigated our way to today. Not alone to be sure: since day one God has blessed us with a team of fellow travelers who share our conviction about nurturing the leaders soul. Today, by the grace of God, our board, staff, volunteers, partners, participants, and alumni number in the 1,000’s!  To God and God alone belongs all the glory, honor, and praise!

Today, as I reflect on the myriad ways God has blessed and multiplied the work of our hands and the prayers of our hearts, I offer the following Top 16 Gifts from God in past 16 Years:

  1. God’s clarion call through a very specific dream and prayer
  2. An incredible discernment team who helped us launch-in-faith
  3. Our first donation, and all who have given sacrificially as our donor family
  4. Our Founding Board of Directors, and all who have served since day one
  5. The GCTS welcome mat, inviting us to offer leadership of the Pierce Center
  6. Our amazing Ministry Team of gifted, godly, grace-filled servant-leaders
  7. Growing family of ministry participants who join us each year to learn, grow, and serve
  8. Our LTI Alumni Community, faithfully serving others all around the globe today
  9. Selah: started in the East, grew West, and now venturing into Europe
  10. Soul Sabbaths, Soul Care Retreats, and our Emmaus Spiritual Leadership Communities
  11. Our Church Health Assessment Tool and over 550 churches who have used this resource
  12. Creating great formation resources: Silencio, TouchPoints, Retreat Guides, Worship Outlines
  13. Online with over 150 LTI books and resources plus 350 others
  14. Consistent LTI presence in New England, Colorado, Houston, Phoenix and beyond
  15. Salvation Army and the hundreds of other denominations and organizations we have served
  16. YOU…without whom we would not be here on the threshold of year 16!

With a grateful heart, overwhelmed with the kindness of Almighty God in forming, developing, and growing the ministry of Leadership Transformations over the past 16 years for his glory, his namesake, his beloved leaders in his Church, and for his everlasting Kingdom…

In Christ Alone,