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Best laid plans…

We had workers in our house all week long…what was supposed to be done in three days ended up taking six. Doctor visits, family needs, warehouse mishaps, scheduling confusion, lost products, misplaced items, unexpected delays, all contributed to the longer than anticipated process. It seems like this happens more often than not. Is that your experience too?
In order to manage the change in plans it’s crucial we remain open to what God has in mind…what is he inviting us into as a result of things not going as we anticipated? Our best plans are often modified by his greater will. Our wants and needs are shadowed by his preferred, desired intentions. Staying open to God’s best for us is far greater than clinging to what we think is better. It’s important to remember to commit our plans to him and pray: Lord, have your way in my heart, life, mind and will. All for your honor and glory and the fulfillment of your will in, through and around me. Amen.


Is there any virtue to being a person who’s always in a rush? What is the fruit of or gain received from rushing? The fruit apparent to me includes higher blood pressure, greater stress, and the potentials of increased anger, frustration, impatience, disappointment, exhaustion, or sadness…just to name a few! So why do we rush? Usually because we lack the discipline to be ready or timely, we have too much on our plates, or we don’t plan very well.
As I’ve been on crutches now for ten days I simply can’t rush or I will hurt myself. One day this week I actually gave myself one hour to accomplish two errands around town and end up on time for a meeting – something I normally would accomplish in at most one-third the allotted time. I was conscious of every step I took and paid greater attention to my surroundings and ended up with five minutes to spare before my appointment began.
I don’t want to stay on these crutches much longer but I do want to stay in this unhurried, no need to rush state of heart and mind! What about you? Linger, attend, slow down, don’t rush, be still, and know that He is God!


I’ve been on crutches now for 7 days…I’m tired of the nuisance and inconvenience, even though my pain threshold tells me I still need them! When our son Nate was in middle school and high school he was off and on crutches for the better part of 7 years…it amazes me that he persevered for so long. I can’t imagine such a long stint on crutches, but then again that’s why we often said Nate’s middle name should really be “Perseverance” – he suffered long and hard, but over time God redeemed his pain and he’s been walking crutch-free for the past 7 years of his young adulthood, praise God.
Perseverance is a biblical concept, with passages like Heb. 12: 1,2; James 1: 2-5; Rom. 5: 3-5; and 2 Peter 1: 5-7 informing our understanding. Paul’s words in Romans 5 are clear…rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that they produce perseverance, character and hope. With what or whom do you need to persevere today? Cling to the promise that character and hope will be the fruit…and trust the Lord to give you the strength to persevere.

Ministry born in solitude

“Christian ministry is more than doing good. Ministry is an act of service performed either consciously or unconsciously in the name of Christ. Ministry is Jesus Christ expressing his life through us. It is born, therefore, not in activity, but in solitude, where through the Spirit we experience the power of life from within.”
From Ministry and Solitude by James Fenhagen
At LTi we come alongside leaders and teams and encourage them to prioritize the care of their soul…out of which vitality in service is best experienced. We believe that true ministry is indeed birthed in the prayer closet, where we create the space to meet with Christ and deepen our intimacy with him on a daily basis. My prayer is that leaders everywhere will create the space and carve out the time they need to spend with the Lover of their souls – for indeed Jesus longs to express his life through you. What is the state of your soul today?

First blog…

This is my first post…check out our newly redesigned website! I’ll be adding to this blog soon and look forward to staying connected in this way. God bless you!

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